Summary of SFBCA 2014/15 Annual General Meeting

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association held its Annual General Meeting on Oct 9, 2014 at the Port Union Library. We had a great turn out (16 members) which made for some lively debate for improving the club. Some of the key issues that were dealt with include:

  • reducing the adult yearly membership to $50
  • prorating new membership on a quarterly basis so that new members pay a reduced fee based on when they join
  • Approving a Fall Fishing trip to the Big Head River, Meaford, Ont on November 7,8,9 2014
  • Approving a Summer BBQ/Fishing Derby/Equipment Swap this summer (A date to be determined later). Thanks to Roger for graciously offering the use of his house for this event.
  • Due to excessive costs, we do not have a permit to indoor cast at a TDSB school. Alternative, cheaper space is currently being sought (possibly at a local Scarborough church or at a school venue under the jurisdiction of the Durham Region school board)
  • We be participating again at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show.
  • As of July 31, 2014 we have a healthy bank balance of $1224.90
  • We’ll be looking into purchasing new equipment where needed, and will be setting up a system for keeping track of any purchases or donations. Many thanks to “The Old Guy” for donating the rod building molds to the Club

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Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association.
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