packing my fishing pack!

This gent takes organization to a new level. Nicely done

Raspberryfisher's Blog

In my previous post, I noted how after 20 years, I have refined my tools into a single pack, whether I am searching out Steelhead in November, Trout in May or Bass in August. This simplicity on the river is achieved, by keeping a rubbermaid box of all tools nearby to adjust to the day and nights event.

But before we look into my rubbermaid box, lets look at my pack.

So the pack is worn only as a shoulder bag, and high. Not as a chest pack that can interfer with my casting or as a lumbar pack that would get wet when wading deep.

The main external features being:

  • Shoulder Strap.
  • A – The Fly Box Compartment (holding 2 boxes and a dry box)
  • B – Leaders and Nymph Fold-down
  • C – Convenience Pocket (I also clip in my keys here).
  • D – The Release Tools (under) Pocket

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