D.I.Y Float Reel

By G. Chambers, SFBCA member

I’d love to have a float reel for steelheading, but I have a hard time justifying the cost. According to this video, the solution to my float reel dilemma could be as close as my old VCR…check out this Homemade float reel


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One Response to D.I.Y Float Reel

  1. raykendrick1957 says:

    Very Interesting Geoff. I think you should build one….at the ‘club’ or at home and bring it in for show and tell. Float reels are definitely expensive, and I know very little about them, having only spent one day using one this fall (and catching my 1st steelhead) on the Nottawasauga.

    I’m just making some uninformed comments here, but I would guess that the bearing used in many float reels, are simply bearing that were manufactured for any number of purposes, and were simply adopted by the Reel manufactures……maybe excluding some high end Reel manufactures like Islander etc.

    So….I see no reason why VCR bearings would not work….give it a go.



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