Diesel Fuel Spill Near Wilmot Creek


By G. Chambers, SFBCA member

On December 18′ 2014 a tanker truck traveling on Hwy 401 hit the Cobbledick Bridge rupturing its load of diesel fuel. Apparently about 20,000 litres of fuel was spread across highway 401 with some of it leaking into Wilmot Creek. Absorbent booms were placed in the creek to soak up the fuel. The provincial government and the municipality of Clarington are monitoring the situation. Hopefully there is no long term  impact on the creek’s trout population and habitat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough perfectly clear and seemingly clean, the water of the creek still had a diesel smell  about five days after the spill.  A few very small trout were caught, but no fish of respectable size seemed to be around.  This picture sows a boom for capturing the diesel fuel floating on the water.  A few of them were placed between highway 401 and the lake.



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