Recipe: Trout + Miso = Delicious

By G. Chambers

Trout miso glaze

Trout with asian inspired miso glaze.

The only thing harder than catching a fish is cooking a fish….properly. Invariably when I try to cook a fish it comes out dry and flavourless. Thankfully I’ve found a recipe that enhances the fish with umami without overpowering it. Best yet this recipe is foolproof…just glaze the fish and jam it in the oven. Comes out flakey and delicious every time. In terms of the ingredients, most of the items should be readily available at any grocery store with an asian food section, otherwise you may have to visit your local asian market. Also make sure to get roasted Nori (seaweed) and black sesame seeds, as they impart a really subtle smokey flavour. Use fresh miso paste (usually found in the refrigerated section next to the tofu) and not the boxed dry stuff. Enjoy


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