Small World on the Ganny

By G. Chambers, SFBCA member

Was at our booth at the 2015 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show talking to a young gent named Paul about the possibility of joining our Club. He advised that he did most of fishing on the Credit River and generally only fished in our parts (the Ganaraska River) for the Spring Steelhead. He mentioned that he was on the “Ganny” this past spring, but wasn’t having much luck. Meanwhile an angler nearby had hauled in half a dozen huge fish. Paul asked the successful angler what his secret was. “Stone fly” came the response. Paul dutifully tied on a stone fly and soon caught the massive Steelhead in the photo shown. Any guesses as to the identity of that helpful fellow angler? For a clue, check out the gent in the background of Paul’s photo (the hat will give it away)

Can you guess the identity of the SFBCA member in the background?

Nicely Done Paul: Can anyone guess the identity of the SFBCA member who helped Paul?


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