2015 SFBCA Spring Trip

By G. Chambers, SFBCA Member

This past weekend, May 1-3, was the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association’s Annual Spring Trip. After a couple of Spring trips to the Haliburton area, we were back in Thornbury to fish the Beaver River and the nearby Bighead River.

Weather –wise, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, sunny and not too hot, with just a hint of a breeze. Water-wise, the rivers were as clear as gin (or vodka depending on your preference). In total we had 9 SFBCA members on the trip; Jurgen, Ray C., Geoff, the 3 Farrugias (Brian, Ben and Gabe), Willard, Albert and Leon.

The award for biggest trout caught goes to Jurgen who landed a nice 32”, 9 lbs Steelhead using a hand-tied white egg pattern , drifted on his float rod. Brian was a close second with a 28”, 6lbs Steelie caught on a spinning rod with the SFBCA “go to” lure: a #3 silver Mepps. The award for largest fish probably goes to Gabe who hooked into a huge carp while throwing spoons at the mouth of the Beaver River (He let it go, much to the dismay of Leon who enjoys a little carp flesh now and again). Of course, no SFBCA trip would be complete without a little drama, and in this instance, it was supplied in good measure by Leon who hooked himself in the hand and had to drive to the hospital in Meaford to get it removed (to his credit he didn’t allow a bandaged paw to interfere with his ability to hold a rod or a knife and fork). While pretty much everyone hooked into a few fish, the consensus was that a little rain a few days before the trip might have convinced more Steelhead to move up into the rivers.

Overall we had a successful trip: good food, good friends and some good fishing too. Of course special thanks to Ray Cockburn for doing all the logistics (i.e. booking the hotel, buying the food, etc) and all the cooking. Congratulations also to Ben Farrugia…he’s off soon on a dream summer job as a fishing guide at a lodge in Northern Ontario (you might want to buy some of Gord’s 98% DEET if he still has some).


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