A Grand Day on the Grand River

By G. Chambers

One of the fElora Gorgeringe benefits of having a Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association booth at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is that we get to talk to a lot of people about fishing. Invariably, we also come away with a few new locations to wet a line. At the 2015 sportsmen’s show, I was told of a spot on The Grand River where the brown trout were plentiful and always hungry . Taking up this challenge, Tedy and I made the 1.5 hour drive to a spot about 6 kms downstream from Elora.
Our plan was to fish from dawn ‘til dusk, but we didn’t actually get on the water until about 8:30 a.m. The day was sunny but not too hot, with just a hint of a breeze. The water was crystal clear and never more than about 4 feet deep, but had a good current which required constant mending of the line in order to present a natural drift of the dry flies. We were using weight forward floating line and working various sizes of Blue Winged Olives to match the hatch that was going on ( though I caught a couple of browns with a small pheasant tailed nymph).
The browns we caught weren’t exactly “mounties” (12” at most) but they were taking the dry flies like nobody’s business and providing a lot of fun for us in the process . In total, we probably landed about 30 brown trout (Tedy caught at least 20 of them…the guy has the eyes of a barn owl to be able to see and set the hook on a small trout taking a size 18 B.W.O. ). This section of the Grand River, by the way , is barbless hooks only and strictly catch and release.
Shepherd's PubFor most of the day we were pretty much alone on the river, but around dusk maybe a handful of other anglers joined us. We called it quits around 6 p.m. and headed back to the car along the well trodden path that runs beside the river bank.
After a quick pint and a burger at the Shepherd’s Pub in Elora (a good selection of craft beers and good burgers for not much $) we headed into the nearby Elora Gorge itself (based on a recommendation from a local angler). There is a set of stairs in nearby Victoria Park that takes you down into the gorge. We fished the gorge until about 8;30 p.m. but without any luck. All in all a good day of fly fishing


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