The Soo Rapids

By Albert, SFBCA member

Sault Ste Marie Night

The Soo Rapids at Dusk

I had a few days off in mid-June and my girlfriend and I decided to take a road trip to Sault Ste Marie hoping to catch some Lake Superior steelhead, possibly an Atlantic salmon, and enjoy the scenery of the “north shore”.

Over the next two days, we explored the St Mary’s River in Sault Ste Marie and also some of the smaller waters in the scenic Lake Superior Provincial Park. We were lucky enough to catch a few steelhead, some smallmouth bass (open all year round), and a small speckled trout. All in all, it was a great trip.

Sault Ste Marie steelhead

Sault Ste Marie steelhead

I recommend the trip up to anyone interested in some beautiful scenery and world famous fishing (especially fly fishing). Author Ernest Hemingway once said “the best rainbow trout fishing in the world is in the rapids of the Canadian Soo…”

You might even get into some Atlantics! They are stocked by LSSU university and the live underwater fish camera can be found at:

Special thanks to Jurgen for his fly designs!

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One Response to The Soo Rapids

  1. raykendrick1957 says:

    Great trip report Albert! I’ve heard Many good things about the Soo Rapids…hope to get there one day.


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