SFBCA Calendar of Events: 2016/17

training.RedCalendar copyThe Scarborough Fly and Bait Association (SFBCA) is an active angling club with events and activities going on throughout the year. Check out what the SFBCA is up to this year

1) 2016 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show (March 16 – 20, 2016)
For the past several years, the SFBCA has had a booth at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. We usually do some demonstrations on Bamboo rod building and fly tying and try to recruit new members. All SFBCA members are welcome to participate . Fringe benefit is that anyone who participates gets free access to the show

2) Ice Out Fishing Trip (Spring 2016)
We try to coordinate a trout fishing trip for early spring to coincide with the first available weekend when northern lakes are free of ice. In the past, trips have been held in the lakes near Haliburton, Wilberforce or Bancroft. The club has access to several small boats, canoes, electric motors, etc. One or two members usually volunteers to coordinate the trip (arranges for lodging, allocation of motel rooms (2 to a room), purchases food, prepares food and coordinates car-pooling). Some members take a day off work on Friday and do some fishing. The remainder of the club comes up Friday evening in time for dinner. We depart back home on Sunday afternoon. Approx Cost: $115

3) Fishing Day/BBQ/Gear Swap (Late Spring / Early summer)
Free. Open to all SFBCA members. Members are paired up and given specific locations along the Ganaraska River and other rivers in the area to fish. We meet back mid-afternoon (usually at a member’s home in the Oshawa area) for a BBQ and gear swap/sale.

4) Outdoor Casting Practice (Late May to early Fall)
From late Spring to early Fall , most of the club’s regular indoor activities (fly tying and rod building) are scaled back in favour of fishing and outdoor casting practice. In terms of casting, we usually meet weekly at the wading pond at the rear of the Scarborough Civic Centre (150 Borough Drive) to practice spin casting and fly casting.

5) Walleye Fishing Trip (Mid-summer)
SFBCA member Leon Schwartz is looking into the logistics of having a club walleye fishing trip to the Bay of Quinte or other suitable location. Details to follow

6) Fishing Trip to Sault Ste. Marie/St. Mary’s River (late Summer/early Fall)
SFBCA members Albert, Glenn and James  have some experience fishing for trout and salmon in the Sault Ste. Marie area and have offered to investigate the feasibility of a club trip to this area. Details to follow soon.

7) Annual General Meeting (September)
In Late September we have our annual general meeting at a the Scarborough Civic Centre where we discuss upcoming club business, elect an executive to run the club, etc. Afterwards we usually go to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat and to talk fishing.

8) Fall Steelhead Trout Trip (November)
For the past several years, we have been going up to Meaford, Ontario to fish the nearby rivers for Steelhead trout. We usually rent 6 or 7 motel rooms (2 persons to a room) including a unit where we do all the cooking. We go up on Friday and return Sunday afternoon. Approx cost $120

9) Indoor Casting Practice (Late Fall 2016 /Early Spring 2017)
For many years, the club rented a school gymnasium for indoor casting practice. Due to increased rental fees, this practice was discontinued. Starting Fall 2016 we are hoping to once again have monthly indoor casting practices.

10) Day Fishing Trips (all season)
Throughout the fishing season, individual members coordinate day trips to the Grand River, Ganaraska River, Credit River and various other lakes in Streams in Ontario. During winter we do ice fishing for trout. Sometimes these trips are posted via email or mentioned at club meetings. Keep your eyes and ears open if interested.


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