Book Review: Joe Brooks on Fishing

Joe-Brooks-on-Fishing-9781592284511By G. Chambers, SFBCA Vice Chairman

Often called the Father of Modern Fishing, Joe Brooks was an American outdoors writer and fly fishing guru.

He fished from Montana to South America and everywhere in between and with such fishing partners such as Ted Williams and Lefty Kreh.

“Joe Brooks on Fishing” is a compendium of some of his best known articles written between 1945 til his death in 1972. The book is part tall tales and part travelogue, with an ample mix of practical fishing advice peppered throughout. Some of Joe’s gems include:

  • “Trout are easily frightened, but they forget fast”…basically if you scare a fish from his feeding station wait a few minutes and he’ll eventually return.
  • “Make a hatch happen”…Joe suggests casting a dry fly over and over to the same spot to simulate a hatch going on.
  • “Get close to the fish, and keep the cast as short as possible”…basically a long line puts the fish beyond an angler’s true control. Better to learn proper wading techniques and get closer to your quarry.
  • “jerk nymph patterns to simulate their struggle to the surface”
  • “Spit on a nymph pattern to make it sink”
  • “Brown colored streamers work when water conditions are muddy.”

“Joe Brooks on Fishing” reads like having a conversation with an old fishing buddy. Whether writing about fishing the lochs of Scotland, the fjords of Iceland or the  mountain streams of Montana, he does so with a mix of wonder and humor and a strong respect for his prey. It’s a great book for the armchair traveler and avid angler alike.








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3 Responses to Book Review: Joe Brooks on Fishing

  1. Shedd Bob says:

    I have a Scarborough Bamboo 8.5 foot- five wt. That says (AFRG ) in front of the The Scarborough Can anyone tell me what the AFRG stands for?


  2. adminsfbca says:

    Bob…I’m pretty sure the markings on the rod are AFRC not AFRG (I’m willing to bet those marking are also in fancy cursive script that makes the “C” look like “G”). I think your rod is made by Amherst Fishing Rod Company (they did make a model called the “Scarborough”).


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