Lake Temagami: Walleye and Pike Galore

by G. Chambers

If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation up north that wont break the bank, I suggest Leisure Island Houseboats on Lake Temagami.

temagami-2016-124 Home Sweet Houseboat

The wife (A.K.A “the Boss”) and I rented a houseboat for a week at the end of August for $950, plus $50 for fuel. The Leisure Island Houseboats aren’t fancy…no slide or running water, but they are roomy, have propane fridge and stove and are well built for the often choppy conditions on Lake Temagami.

Various websites  say that Lake Temagami has some monster Walleye and Lake Trotroutrigut, but that you need to get down deep (50-70ft) in the summer to have a chance of hooking one. Locals suggested using 8 lbs test attached to a 3 way swivel and then 2.5 ft. of fluorocarbon attached to a 2 0z. weight and 3 ft . of fluorocarbon attached to a medium sized spoon (Williams Wabler, etc.). The houseboat has rod holder on the back so  you can troll with the Yamaha 9.5 hp motor.

temagami-2016-116 Breakfast of Walleye and pike caught off the back of the houseboat

We didn’t have much luck trolling, but when we tied up at the designated campsites, I caught lots of small walleye (14 – 16″), small mouth bass and pike off the back deck of the houseboat with the SFBCA offical spinner (#3 silver Mepps).

We also towed a canoe  (thanks Ray Cockburn) which I used to get near rocky shallows and beaver lodges (casting around beaver lodges got me a few walleye every time). The regulations on Lake Temagami say you cant keep any trout or walleye between 18 and 23 inches.

The boats itself sleeps 2 adults in the rear berths and 2 children in the front berths. There’s no no running water, but the boat has flush toilet. The propane fridge and stove did the job and the new Napoleon BBQ on the rear deck got things cooking fast. The boat has electric lights that run off the battery.

Getting There: Leisure Island Houseboats is in the town of Temagami (a  5 hour drive from Toronto).
Cost: $1000 for the week
Bring: Binoculars (to watch the wildlife and to find navigation buoys and island markers), solar shower ($14 at Canadian Tire), phosphate free soap, Wading boots (the rocks  are extremely slippery and a pair of wading boots would have been helpful when jumping into the water to tie up the boat at campsites), a radio, folding camp chairs

temagami-2016-135 Peace and quiet on Lake Temagami…not another person for miles






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