Indoor Meeting Season

By T. Gordon – member of the SFBCA

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association has re started its indoor meeting season.  Our people meet at the home of one of the club’s senior members, where every two weeks we enjoy a couple of hours of fly tying, bamboo rod work and lively conversation.



It’s winter season and it is cold outside. Time to come indoors to one of our meetings.  If you are a member of the club, you are invited to meet with us.  Let’s tie some flies and get prepared for future fishing outings.  Learn some of our most productive flies -as taught by our fly tying master Jurgen Brech.  You can also suggest or request specific fly patterns you would like to tie.  Start getting ready for the spring fly fishing season -it takes time to learn patterns and develop the skills to tie them right.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


Polar bear and elk mayfly

If you are a new member, or interested on becoming one, or if you are an old member who wants to get reacquainted with the club, come on up and join us. –

These meetings are also opportunities for some of our club members organize small group fishing expeditions, where 2,3 or 4 people travel to some of their favorite fishing places to enjoy a day of fishing.  May be a local stream, or a remote lake -just don’t ask where the best places are -we won’t tell you, but we will take you there.

For specific details on meeting dates and location, please contact one of our executive members:

Chairman Ray Cockburn –

Vice Chairman Geoff Chambers-



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