Port Hope Bans Overnight Fishing

Port Hope fishing by-lawBy G. Chambers

So, the signs are going up in Port Hope advising anglers  that overnight fishing is no longer permitted between August 15 to September 30 between the hours of 8 pm to 6 am

The new rules only apply to a section of the Ganaraska River running from the Robertson Street Bridge to the Molson Street Bridge.

According to  Parks staff in Port Hope, a lot of the illegal snagging and netting of salmon occurs at night, presumably when there are fewer witnesses and less enforcement activity.
But what about legitimate anglers?

Every angler knows that  fish often bite better at night (depending on a lot of other variables like weather, water conditions, etc.). Unfortunately, this new by-law will deprive a lot of anglers who enjoy night fishing, or who can only fish at night due to shift work . But will it?

The SFBCA has contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests to get clarification as to who owns the Ganaraska River where it runs through Port Hope. I know in the past Port Hope has channelized parts of the river and may have some ownership rights over these sections. If Port Hope does not own the river and riverbeds, then anglers should be able to fish at night provided the do it from the river (wading, float tube, boat, etc.) rather than from from Port Hope municipal property.


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