SFBCA Fishing Trips: What to Expect

By G. Chambers

A recent SFBCA trip to some of our favourite Trout lakes in Haliburton

It’s been a tradition in the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association for the club executive to organize at least two  fishing trips a year – traditionally during the Spring and Fall Steelhead runs. This year’s Spring Trip is May 4, 5, 6 2018.

SFBCA fishing trips are open to all members. We normally have anywhere from 10-16 members attending. Costs for the weekend are about $130 person, which includes two nights at a local motel (two SFBCA members to a room) and all meals. Any alcohol , snacks, etc. are the responsibility of individual members. We also coordinate carpooling where practical (helps save money on gas and gives you someone to blame if you get lost).

Typical Club Trip Itinerary:

Whether lake fishing in Haliburton or wading the many Steelhead rivers that flow into Georgian bay, our trips revolve around three activities: lots of fishing, lots of good eating and a lots of talking/lying about the day’s fishing. A typical itinerary for an SFBCA Fishing Trip would be as follows:

– Arrive early morning and fish until early evening. We usually try to arrange for a member who is familiar with the river to pair up with someone who isn’t
– Everyone returns to the motel for an early dinner (usually chili) and a few drinks.

– Full bacon and eggs breakfast, coffee, juice, etc.
– Members make their own lunch with bread and meat provided
– Full day of fishing (Spinning rods, fly rods, float rods, whatever you want to use)
– Return to motel in early evening for dinner, drinks and maybe some fly tying. Depending on conditions, some members will also go out for a little night fishing.

– Full breakfast. Members make their own lunch
– Fish until early afternoon and back home by 6 pm

Fishing and Learning:

The main focus of our SFBCA trips is to catch lots of big fish. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, we always have lots of fun trying.  Just as importantly, our trips are also valuable learning opportunities. By fishing with an experienced SFBCA member you’ll quickly learn such valuable information as:

  • What techniques and tackle catch fish on a given body of water.
  • Where the best fishing holes are and how to access them
  • How to hold your fish to make it look bigger in photos

SFBCA member Jeff on his first Spring Trip…he also won our biggest fish contest

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