Fishing The Amazon in Brazil

By Marcio Barbosa, SFBCA Member


Sunrise on the Amazon: Time to get fishing

Looking for a new fishing challenge? Consider wetting a line in the Amazon River, the mightiest river in the world. Sure, the Nile River may be longer, but in terms of shear volume of water, the Amazon can’t be beat. In fact, the Amazon is responsible for 20% of the world’s fresh water…which means it’s also home to a huge variety of fish.

Use a Tour Operator:

fishing boat on the amazon

Main Fishing Boat docked at a sand bar for dinner

Most angler’s visiting the Amazon should probably stick with an accredited tour operator. The tour boats normally accommodate 8, 12 or 16 fishermen,  but if you have only one partner you will be put in a group that has vacancies.

The typical cost for 6 days of fishing is about CAD $3500 per person and includes:

  • Round trip, by plane, from Manaus to the fishing spot.
  • Food in the main boat and fishing boat.
  • Soft drinks and beer.  Spirits and wine you should carry.
  • Laundry in the main boat.
  • Smaller fishing boat, fuel, and guide.
  • The rooms and fishing boats are for two people.  The rooms have air-conditioned.

    fishing boat

    Individual fishing boats being towed behind main tour boat


happy hour 1

Saude! Caipirinha time on the tour boat after a hard day of fishing

Things not included in the tour price are:

  • Taxis in Manaus.
  • Hotel in Manaus.
  • Meals in Manaus.
  • Tips for people of the main boat and your guide.
  • Any shopping.

Fishing Tackle and Tips:

my record 19 pounds

Marcio the “Brazilian Bass Master”. The author with a personal best 19 lbs Peacock Bass


A whopper Amazon Peacock Bass

As in any fishing trip, you have to have luck.  The fish you’ll catch will be in a range of 4 and 20 pounds. If you are very lucky probably you catch one or two around 20 pounds.  My record is 19 pounds.

You can use fly fishing and artificial bait, natural bait is not used.  Treble hooks and hooks with barb are allowed.

Before You Go:

Since you’ll be traveling to South America, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation well in advance of your trip:
  • Get the Brazilian visa at Toronto consulate, 77 Bloor St. West    unit 1109.  It’s valid for 10 years.
  • Take Yellow Fever immunization.
  • Contact an operator.  The last 10 times I went fish, in the Amazon, I used a guy named Alexandre Pereira and his phone number is 55 31 9 9615 7445.  He can be reached by WhatsUp too.
  • Buy a round trip ticket Toronto-Manaus.


See you later alligator: Might want to keep your hands in the boat


The Canadian dollar is not well known in Manaus.  You should arrive there with some Brazilian money and/or US dollar, you should have, today, the equivalent of US$400.00.
The sun and the rains hare very strong, so be prepared.  On the positive side, there are almost no mosquitoes.

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