Port Hope Council Defers $40 Fishing Fee

By G. Chambers, SFBCA Vice Chairman

At it’s meeting on March 7, 2017 Port Hope Council voted overwhelmingly to defer, for 1 year,  a planned $40 fee for licensed anglers to fish from municipal lands abutting the Ganaraska River. Instead the matter will come back before Council in Spring 2018 for debate.

The rationale for the $40 fee stems from the fact that it cost Port Hope $19,965 last year to provide toilets, do regular clean ups of the shoreline and to have City police enforcing the fishing regulations. Continue reading

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SFBCA opposed to $40 Fee to Fish Ganny

phbd_welcome_fnl_heritage-copyBy G. Chambers SFBCA Vice Chairman

The municipality of Port Hope is finally getting tough on people who snag fish, leave fish to rot on the riverbanks and generally create a mess on the municipal lands that abut the Ganaraska River. Good news right? not so fast.

The bad news is, the costs of enforcing the conservation laws, cleaning up the parks, providing toilets, etc adds up to $19,965 a year in costs to Port Hope taxpayers. Unfortunately for anglers, Port Hope is seeking to recoup those costs on the backs of responsible anglers by charging them a $40 access fee to fish from lands owned by Port Hope and the Ganaraska River Conservation Authority (which owns Sylvan Glen Park). Continue reading

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Fishing is a Right in Ontario (Part1)

By G. Chambers, SFBCA Vice Chairman

“1. (1) A person has a right to hunt and fish in accordance with the law”
Ontario Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act (2002)

We all think of hunting and fishing as sport or a hobby, but it is actually a protected right here in the ProviNo Fish For Younce of Ontario.

The Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act (2002)  recognizes that recreational hunting and fishing have played important roles in shaping Ontario’s social, cultural and economic heritage, and more importantly that these activities will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, there are people, organizations and even lawmakers who seek to undermine our rights as hunters and anglers. Continue reading

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SFBCA at 2017 Sportsmen’s Show

toronto-sportsmens-show-copyThe Toronto Sportsmen’s Show runs this year from March 15 to March 19 at the Toronto International Centre (6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga).

For the 7th year in a row, the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association will be participating by holding fly tying demonstrations, bamboo rod building displays and talking to the public about all things fishing.

Drop by our booth (#2100) and say “Hello”. . . better yet, drop by and tell us where all your secret fishing holes are located.


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2016 SFBCA Holiday Party

facebookcardsfbca copy.jpgBy G. Chambers

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association held its annual Holiday Season Party on December 13. About 20 merry SFBCA members shared some fishing stories, noshed on gourmet pizza and devoured David Johnson’s amazing homemade venison cabbage rolls (which he shot himself…he shot the deer that is, not the cabbage rolls). Thanks to Tedy Gordon for providing a half dozen of his beautiful hand-tied flies (packaged in souvenir shot glasses) which were given away as door prizes. Thanks also to SFBCA Chairman Ray Cockburn for organizing the event, and to the Schwartz family for hosting us in their lovely home. All in all a good evening of camaraderie to get us in the spirit of the holiday season.





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Indoor Meeting Season

By T. Gordon – member of the SFBCA

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association has re started its indoor meeting season.  Our people meet at the home of one of the club’s senior members, where every two weeks we enjoy a couple of hours of fly tying, bamboo rod work and lively conversation.



It’s winter season and it is cold outside. Time to come indoors to one of our meetings.  If you are a member of the club, you are invited to meet with us.  Let’s tie some flies and get prepared for future fishing outings.  Learn some of our most productive flies -as taught by our fly tying master Jurgen Brech.  You can also suggest or request specific fly patterns you would like to tie.  Start getting ready for the spring fly fishing season -it takes time to learn patterns and develop the skills to tie them right.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Continue reading

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The Muscarovitch for Brown Trout


The Muscarovitch fly pattern. Photo and fly courtesy of SFBCA member T. Gordon

Looking for a fly pattern that produces big browns? Check out the Muscarovitch, a fly pattern developed by Gord Deval, President of the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association.

To be honest, the fly is based on The McStarkovitch, a pattern designed by Jimmy Stark, a well known Toronto fly tier and a co-worker of Gords at Brownies Tackle and Gun Shop back in the 50’s.  According to Gord, one of his improvements was the addition of polar bear which helps the fly to sink a bit.

Continue reading

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Lake Temagami: Walleye and Pike Galore

by G. Chambers

If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation up north that wont break the bank, I suggest Leisure Island Houseboats on Lake Temagami.


Home Sweet Houseboat

The wife (A.K.A “the Boss”) and I rented a houseboat for a week at the end of August for $950, plus $50 for fuel. The Leisure Island Houseboats aren’t fancy…no slide or running water, but they are roomy, have propane fridge and stove and are well built for the often choppy conditions on Lake Temagami.

Various websites  say that Lake Temagami has some monster Walleye and Lake Trotroutrigut, but that you need to get down deep (50-70ft) in the summer to have a chance of hooking one. Locals suggested using 8 lbs test attached to a 3 way swivel and then 2.5 ft. of fluorocarbon attached to a 2 0z. weight and 3 ft . of fluorocarbon attached to a medium sized spoon (Williams Wabler, etc.). The houseboat has rod holder on the back so  you can troll with the Yamaha 9.5 hp motor. Continue reading

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Sept 20, 2016: Annual General Meeting

Scarborough Civic Centre

Scarborough Civic Centre

Mark your calendars for Tuesday September 20, 2016 at 7 p.m….the date for the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association’s 2016 Annual General Meeting. The location is in Committee Room 1 of the Scarborough Civic Centre (150 Borough Drive). More details to follow

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Book Review: Joe Brooks on Fishing

Joe-Brooks-on-Fishing-9781592284511By G. Chambers, SFBCA Vice Chairman

Often called the Father of Modern Fishing, Joe Brooks was an American outdoors writer and fly fishing guru.

He fished from Montana to South America and everywhere in between and with such fishing partners such as Ted Williams and Lefty Kreh. Continue reading

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